Roles in a Team of Four




  • Lay the mat
  • Deliver the Jack
  • Deliver mainly draw shots to lay good foundation for the development of the head


  • Record the progress of the game on the rink scoreboard
  • Use the trolley to collect woods up after the score on the previous end has been agreed by the Thirds
  • Should be capable and versatile players as they may be called upon to play all types of shots



  • Act as the measurer to determine the number of shots scored each end and agree this with the opposition Third before the end is cleared
  • Directs the skip in choice of shot to play, if requested
  • Must have a good knowledge of the laws of the game
  • Should be versatile and experienced players



  • Toss the coin with their opponent for the right of possession of the mat at the start of the game
  • Introduce the team to the opposition
  • Direct the development of the head
  • Need to have a good knowledge of the laws and a sound knowledge of the game
  • Should be good tacticians, natural leaders, realising that the basis of good teamwork is acceptable leadership
  • Should be capable, experienced and versatile exponents of the game since they are in charge of the four
  • Keep a record of the score on the scorecard.  In friendly matches, if both Skips agree, the scorecards may be kept by the both Seconds