Bocce Game


This is based on Bocce. The Game is for two players who each have four woods to deliver.

Bowler “A” delivers their first bowl and will by default be shot.

Bowler “B” then delivers their bowl, and, if not shot, has to deliver their further bowls until such time as they are holding shot.

Then, bowler “A” returns to deliver more bowls until they resume holding shot and so on.

It will not be unusual for a bowler to still be holding shot with their opponent having no more deliveries and yet have 3-4 more bowls still to deliver. If this happens the object is to add more shots to what is already a holding shot head for them.

This game is particularly good if you find yourself in a three. One person stays at the head as a marker and winner stays on and  loser and marker switch roles.

Lessons learnt:

To draw close early.

Learn to cope with being down and not succumbing to pressure,

Learn to add with final deliveries when the opponent has exhausted their supply of deliveries.