Min Mid Max

Min, Mid, Max

This practise  routine  will require  three jacks.

Place the jacks with the furthest 2m from the ditch, the  shortest at min distance  from your mat and then the third jack equidistant  between the two other jacks.

The object is to bowl within two feet of each jack starting with the shortest jack and working to the furthest jack.

If you suceed delivering  the three woods all within the 2ft range then score 1 point  for your home team. If you fail then score 1 point for the "away" team. If  you win an end then attempt to drive one of the jacks into the ditch with your fourth wood for a bonus point.

Play for a selected number of ends and try to win against yourself. 

Lessons learnt:

To draw accurately

Learn to concentrate and adjust weight within an end.